Philip Lippard

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Wrightsville Beach Tenant Guide

Welcome to the Lippard House on Wrightsville Beach. This brief tenant's guide should provide you with some vital information regarding our WB house.

Cooking Grills

Outdoor grilling in any form is prohibited.

Electrical Panel

The electrical control panel is located on the outside of the house (north side).


The elevator does not have an operational telephone, so please use only when other individuals are available in the house.

The elevator interior door must be closed in order to call the elevator from another level.

Garage Doors

Garage doors can be opened with either interior mounted openers or exterior keypad. To use the exterior keypad use the following codes:

  • North garage door - 1267
  • South garage door - 4320

Internet Access

This residence is equipped with Broadband Internet access, Active RJ45 connectors are located in the following locations:

    • Level 4 Reading Loft
    • Level 3 Master Bedroom Sitting Area
    • Level 2 Kitchen
    • Level 2 Southeast Bedroom

Secure wireless access is also available. The SSID is LippardWB2. The passphrase is 9191111234

The Internet provider is Time Warner Cable. The Internet modem and router are located in the level 3 closet.

Locking Front Door, Level 2 Deck, Level 3 Porch and Reading Loft Level 4 Deck

To lock these Andersen doors, lift up on the handle and then turn the locking mechanism to your right.

Stereo Speakers

In the living room is a Pioneer VSX-524 audio receiver/amplifier. This unit plays AM/FM as well as providing a USB input port for iPod / iPhone / iPad audio playback. Stereo speakers are individually controlled in the kitchen area, the porch on the kitchen level, and the master bedroom.  Please do not re-wire the components in any way.

The complete Pioneer instruction manual can be accessed HERE

To utilize the USB port to playback audio, plug your iPhone into the USB port as illustrated below:

Now use the incoming audio dial to select all audio from the incoming USB port, as illustrated below:

After activating your iPhone audio, use the speaker switch box below to control which destinations will receive the audio playback; either the master bedroom, the kitchen outside porch area, or the kitchen area.

Individual volume controls are located in each of the three target areas, as illustrated below:

Telephone Service

You should rely on your cell phone service. There is not a telephone land line installed.


Thermostats are located on kitchen level 2, master bedroom level 3 and in the reading loft level 4.

Trash Pickup

Trash pickup for the outside trash container is on Monday and Thursday mornings. All trash must be individually bagged within the container and the container must be rolled outside by 7am.

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